Tiny Invaders – [IPAD GAME REVIEWS]

Let’s conquer the world from the microscope size, control the mankind inside their body! Tiny Invaders is the rush puzzle game which you cannot lay your back and think about the move. Spread aliens to the blood vane and control their organs , do not let the white blood cells messing in your way!

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What’s up guys, a couple days ago I found a puzzle game which’s very fun and impressed me to review it! Tiny Invaders by Hogrocket is the microscope puzzle game which you must help the small aliens to capture this world. They plan to infest human and control them by sending germs to their body, let’s spread the infection from a boy to the president! With the latest updated patch, you will find more challenges by fighting in side the bearded warrior body, let see who will win this war!

Game features:

– Squiddy finger puzzle game with one-touch controls

– offers the infection on 5 guys (totally 75 levels)

– Very cute hand-draw graphic

– Leader board

– Funny achievements

Tiny Invaders gameplay aims to improve player’s route choosing skills, In each stage, there is a mother alien stick on the starting point, you can tap on her to spread germs to a blood vane, these germs have a duty to steal a red blood cell and return it to the mother alien, you can tap on the germs to speed them up. As you know, the human body is very complex, there are so many junctions in the blood vane, you can tap on each junction to change the route for germs to move. Once all red and yellow cells are taken (Each yellow cells taken will increase the number of germs coming out from the mother alien), the infection is completed.

It seems that the aliens have a very well-plan on this mission. To control the human, they will infect 15 organs then fully control the whole body and there are 5 guys you need to infect them with germs. In the first level (the drunk guy), this will teach you a basic gameplay and control, the brutal things will be started from the second level (Cantine girl), there will be a white blood cell lerk around her vane, don’t let your germs touch them! , The story of the game very funny once you infested from the girl then the germs will goes in the hamburger that has been eaten by a boy then this boy is kissed by the president, the world is now yours muhahaha!!!

In conclusion, Tiny Invaders represents a very funny story about the aliens who plans to capture the world by spreading germs. The gameplay and design is also great, it shows a new idea of the puzzle game which route picking and prioritizing are important to clear each stage. The music is matched to the alien theme of the game. with game center connected, you can find some funny achievements and competing against another player online. It is a very cool game for those who loves a puzzle game. By the way, if you are not the hardcore puzzle player, it’s a trial and error game, the player without obsession should give up and struck on that level.

I would like to rate this game as 4.5/5 STARS (COOL! OWN IT!)

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