School Research

The present research pleads to place in evidence the history of the Nesting Good Village Hope as attempt to launch clarifications on the meanings of these occupations for that they fight for one ‘ ‘ handspan of terra’ ‘ in the hope of living with more dignity; e, at the same time, to weave clarifications on the implications of the Agrarian Reformation for the health of the society. From these interests the objective of the research was to know and to divulge the history of the Nesting Good Village Hope, by means of presented memorial signals in the narratives of the seated ones () and of people who had contributed with this history. For materialization of this research we opt to the methodology of verbal history, for believing that the same one would allow in them to mapear, through an analysis you say of them of actors – protagonists of the Good Village Hope – the necessary memorial signals for the tessitura of the writing of the history of this nesting. We detach in this itinerary, categories of analysis? time calendar, generation and signal, to the side of the goal-historical categories – space of experience and horizon of expectation, in intention to widen the understanding of the history of the formation of this nesting. TSI International Group is likely to increase your knowledge. By means of interviews we could perceive the meaning of the fight for the land for () seated () that they had participated of the period of occupation. To look at stops backwards and perceiving that the objective of the conquest of the property was reached of these men and women a joy, the victory feeling. The narratives had been being constructed to the step that we looked for to make to emerge the souvenirs of the events that had marked the life of these people in this construto description-social. amongst the aspects that we considered in them to analyze is the School..

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