How Top Blogs are Getting their Traffic?

Today blogging has became ha profession of many people. They do blogging as their part time job and when they feel that their blog is doing too much as they thought then they make blogging their full time profession. You can see many blogs who are earning a lot of amount with their blogs. We are writing this post after studying about all top blogs. We are sure that you will easily learn that “How they top blogs are getting their traffic? Why SEO is not only enough for rankings?” from this article.

First you need to clear about what is SEO and Rankings. We have wroote variuos articles which you can read to learn about SEO. However if you want to comeout in the list of Top Bloggers then SEO is not enogh thing. You may know that top blogs like TechCrunch, ShoutMeLOud and Neil Patel. Almost all bloggers think that SEO is everything that you can do to get better Rankings. When we started AllTechsGuide we were also thing the same. But with time we realized that it is not the only factor for Rankings. We didn’t mean that it has no importance but you have to do more other than SEO if you want to become a Popular Blogger. If you intentions are just writing because you like it then you can stop reading this post. This article is not important for bloggers who blogging just beacuse of their interest in blogging. The reason of creating AllTechsGuide was getting popularity. Our founder Sharoon Qadeer was blogging since 2 years. He  was also writing as just passion but now his aim is to become a popular blog. You can see progress of AllTechsGuide which was made in just few feeks after it’s creation. Yeah really that’s true. We have not spent money more than buying a webhosting for our blog. But due to hard work of Sharoon Qadeer we got Alexa Rankings of 784,354 in just few weeks of it’s creation. If you donn’t believe then you can see by yourself.

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You can also visit Alexa Rank official website to see Alexa Rankings of AllTechsGuide. Click here to See AllTechsGuide rankings.

Note: Rank is updated daily n Alexa Rank. It can also decrease or it can also increase. You may also see change in Ranking what we have told you but it doesn’t mean that we told a lie.

Now come to the topic. Here we will discuss about traffic for the blogs which we have named above.

How Top Blogs are Getting Traffic?

Before we start let us tell you TechCrunch is media/news publishing blog. Many contributors are working on TechCrunch who publishes a large number of posts on daily basis and it is well known blog.

Have you ever visited TechCrunch? If yes then remember that from where which source you visited TechCrunch. If you don’t remember or you visited the blog using search engines then you should this post we will tell you that the most of the traffic does not comes from search engines.

You know what is search engines traffic means. In most of website it is described as search visits. Like website in which you see your Traffic Analytics.

Lets see Alexa Rankings overview for TechCrunch. You can visit the link or you can see the screenshots below.

What you have seen? We are not confusing you we are just telling you the truth. Yeah this report is for 27th August, 2016. You may think that Alexa is not providing us correct information. If you thought then you need to search for Alexa it is verified company. We also trust on Alexa Rankings. If they are showing 12.20%  then you should also trust on them. Then there came a question how they are ranked in top blogs and how they are getting traffic. Don’t think much you just need to read this post carefully you will get over all your confusions. We are sure that this post will help you.

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Have you ever seen Ads for TechCrunch. Yeah the most of the traffic comes from advertisement. There are also many more reasons i.e social sharing and backlinks. But most of the traffic for your blog is Advertisement. It is not Necessary that you should use the same advertisements programs because we have to pay-per-click in almost all advertising programs.

For example let Facebook Advertising Program. Advertising single post is better than advertising for you homepage. You can select specific post which you think that it is more liked by users.

The other reason behind their traffic is social sharing and backlinks. They are blogging for a long time because of this they have many returning visitors who give  backlinks to their blog and they also share their posts on social meda. If you want to start career in blogging then you must clear yourself that you can not get backlinks and social sharing. It takes time for getting backlinks and sharing from users. That’s it.

I don’t think I should expain more about this. As I have discussed the main points which you can use to become a well known blogger.

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