How To Use Your Intuition To Make Business Decisions

Running a successful business means that you’re going to be making a lot of decisions on a daily basis. Some are big (who to hire?), some are fun (what to put in the goody bags?), and some are tricky (how to handle this client who keeps missing her payments?). All require energy and attention.

Inability to make a decision is one of the top reasons why entrepreneurs fail. Without the ability to make decisions quickly, your business will come to a halt.

Luckily, you have a gift for making decisions quickly – your Divine Feminine Gift of Intuition. Most spiritual women entrepreneurs value their intuition and would agree that when they use it, both life and business “just flows.” But here’s the problem…

It’s easy to trust your intuition when it’s the little stuff. But what about the BIG stuff, like hiring the right person, investing in a mentor, or investing time, energy and money in an event? These kinds of decisions can trigger doubt, fear, second-guessing and other static created by the ego – which can take you way off course and waste even years of your time.

Be the decision big or small, your intuition can ALWAYS be counted on to guide you in the right direction. Using your intuition is a skill that you can master with practice.

Here, then, are my top tips on how to use your Divine Feminine Gift of Intuition to make the right decision, every time:

1. Learn to listen.

You don’t need a ton of information to make every decision, but you do need the key information. When you’re in “discovery” mode (such as on the phone with a client, vendor, potential hire or mentor), be truly open, fully present and listening, so that you receive exactly what you need to know.

And don’t forget to create space in your life for meditation and quiet time every day. Connecting to your intuition in this neutral space creates trust over time, so you can follow your inner guidance in the moment.

2. Know how your intuition shows up.

For years, my intuition used to show up as a very clear, firm voice in my head. (That voice has saved my life – literally – more than once.) Then, a couple of years ago, something changed and now intuition shows up on the physical plane as a specific sensation in my body. Intuition can take as many forms as we have senses: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and beyond. Know how it shows up for you so you can recognize it in an instant.

3. Is it intuition or is it fear?

This is the biggie – is it intuition or is it fear? Remember, whenever you grow, your ego is going to be challenged. It will throw up everything it can to stop you – that’s it’s job! Your job is to learn to tell the difference between true intuition and fear/ego masquerading as intuition to stop you in your tracks.

How do you tell the difference? Practice. In the moment, “first thought, best thought” usually applies. Regardless of the situation, make a quick mental note of your first thought or “flash.” You can act on it or not – either way, you’ll be able to go back to the decision later and see how accurate that first thought was.

4. Take action quickly.

Intuition is like a muscle – the more you act on the guidance you receive, the easier the guidance will come and the harder it is for the ego to take you out. Successful people are quick to decide and slow to change their minds. Make your decision quickly and keep moving!

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