How to Find Android Apps

On the surface, the answer seems obvious: Just go to the Android Market! The Android Market app comes on every new Android smartphone.
The Android Market website, though, is an even bigger help, especially when you know how to use it. And there are a few other tools that can help you find the best apps, if you know what they are.

Starting with the front page

It’s not just a carousel of the biggest apps. The Android Market’s home page has more than a half-dozen lists of best apps, including top paid apps, top free apps, and featured tablet apps, for those of you with an Android tablet.

The last update to the market added a handful of new, even more useful lists. These include the top grossing apps, or the apps that are making the most money, as well as the top trending apps, or the ones that are having a sudden surge of popularity. An editor’s choice section features apps that are handpicked by the Market’s staff, and they’re not just the ones at the top of the page, either.

Digging in deeper

Another feature recently added to the Android Market is recommendations. You can see these on the page for any individual app; under the “More from developer” sidebar, you can see the apps other people checked out and decided to install, who also viewed or installed that app.

The Android Market app on your phone now has a content filtering setting, too. Tap Menu while in the app, then tap on Settings. You can set it to filter out mature-rated apps, in case you don’t like them (or don’t want them to get in the way while you’re looking for other things).

Apps for finding apps

If you have a smartphone or tablet with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 progressor, the NVIDIA Tegra Zone app’s for you! It’ll help you find games that are specially designed for Android devices as powerful as yours.

Appbrain lets you share links to your favorite apps, and backup a list of your installed apps when you switch between phones. And it also helps you find recently discounted apps on the Market, so you can take advantage of sales. Meanwhile, Chomp is like a search engine for apps, that gives you the apps you want without all the spam and useless apps out there.

Other app markets

Ready to look outside the Android Market? Try the Amazon Appstore for Android; it’s got a “free app of the day” promotion. There’s also the GetJar app marketplace, plus some publishers like Gameloft have their own websites to sell games and apps from.