How to Earn a Living Writing Online Content

Freelance writing is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States. There are a number of reasons why people are making the change to freelancing. The flexibility of hours allows people to work part time and still earn a decent second income. Writing is now open to a variety of venues and options like never before. Telecommuting allows writers to create content and submit it around the world. Freelance writing is growing but there are many freelancers who want to move beyond part time work into full time writing.
Writers can earn a living by writing for the Internet but like anything else, it takes hard work and determination to succeed. There are no shortcuts in the freelance writing business. The following are some simple but effective tips to help writers earn a living while writing for Internet content sites.
Reprint often
Many writers have volumes of material already at their disposal. This material can easily be formatted for online content and posted on the web. Writers need to remember to keep the rights to the material they write so that reprints are an option. Using reprints may not garner a lot of additional upfront income but reprints can dramatically increase residual income.
Market through various means
Online content often offers residual payments based on a per page view basis. These payments can be increased by doing some simple marketing. Online content can be marketed through various social networks such as Facebook or Mysapce. Another way to promote online content is through personal blog pages and sites that promote content links such as Reddit.
Focus on additional freelance opportunities
Freelance writers cannot depend on the content sites alone to provide a stable income. There are a variety of freelance opportunities available on the web but require some digging to find. Go to a variety of freelance writing job banks and search for more jobs. These jobs often pay more per article or assignment and can help supplement income.
Re-write previous material
Writers will also need to search for ways to rewrite previous articles. There are many Internet content sites that do not allow reprints and require fresh material. Using previous articles to create new content is relatively simple. Take an old article and use only parts of it to create something new. Use a series of articles or several articles on the same topic to piece together a brand new article. Most online content sites have a minimum word count of approximately 400 words. Many older articles might be divided and rewritten to create several new articles.
Write and post multiple times per day
Freelance writers cannot afford to waste time when it comes to Internet content sites. Writing and posting are crucial aspects of the writing work. Make the time to write each day and also remember to make time to actually post the content online each day.
Search for high paying opportunities
Many online content sites pay little to the writer on a per article basis. Freelance writers would need to produce large numbers of content to earn significant amounts of money. There are some higher paying opportunities that take some searching to find. Uncovering some of these opportunities can greatly increase the possible Internet income.
Diversify writing projects
An essential aspect of freelance writing is to diversify the various writing projects. Writing some online articles, combined with some contest work and writing some Internet copy could spread out the earning potential. There are a number of online job sites for freelance writing. Carefully search through these opportunities to advance the freelance writing career and earn some much needed income.
There is no magic formula for online writing success. The key is finding a system that works and make the most of it. The reality is that freelance writing is hard work and takes a great deal of energy and effort. Consider all of these various options and opportunities when trying to earn a full time income writing for the Internet.

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