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Sarah Weeks By, Sarah Weeks
  • ❤ Good for wedding ceremony, wedding table ornament, holiday decorative bowls or vases, Hanging Decor, also suit for pet toys, especially birds parrot cage chew toy ect.
  • ❤ Excellent for wedding birthday party decorative, Christmas, festival, home, party, office, shop, hotel, living room, kindergarten, restaurant, other large activities ornaments, etc.
  • ❤ Material: Rattan. Color: Yellow. Size: Diameter Approx. 2 inch / 5 cm. Rustic style is great for wedding, home and garden decoration.
  • 【IDEAL DECORATION】 The balls are very suitable to be as table centerpieces, decorations for vases, bowls, craft supplies, weddings, parties, farmhouses, patios and so on.
  • 【SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】Free return in 30 days without any questions. For any other dissatisfaction, please contact us, we will try all our best to meet your expectation.
  • 【PACKAGE CONTENTS】 There are 3 pack hardwood sphere balls in the package. They are perfect decoration for your table and home.
  • 【DECORATION BALL COMBINATION】16 Love-shaped wicker ball, 4 x blue, 4 x dark blue, 4 x white, 4 x off-white. Each star rattan decor has a diameter of 3.15 inches. Please see the picture introduction for the measurement method. Comes with wooden clamps and twine.
  • 【RATTAN WEAVING CRAFTS】It is made of high-quality rattan wood, woven and dyed by professional craftsmen, with high polish and no debris, durable, non-fading, lightweight and compact, suitable for many occasions.
  • 【DIY SUPPLIERS】Our love decorative balls have 4 different colors, which is very suitable for DIY craft projects. Hang these wicker rattan balls on the wall or string them with fairy lights or put them in vases and bowls to light up your house.The combination of wicker balls and photos is more perfect!
  • Natural materials, good finish,uniform dyeing,hand-woven full of ancient craft style;
  • Can be use on wall hanging, table placed, Xmas Tree-top,Photography, Lighting decoration, tree decoration, ceiling decoration, garland decoration.
  • Diameter:10cm/4 inch; Quantity:4pcs of Set.Made of natural rattan material,with assorted Colours;
  • Perfect for using as decorative balls in wedding, Christmas party, birthday, bridal shower and baby shower etc
  • Small rattan balls with beautiful colors, looks really delicate, sweet and elegant
  • Excepting for using as decorations, rattan balls also could be photography props or ornament crafts
  • 4 Sizes: the decorative rattan balls have 4 different diameter sizes, 6/5 inch (3 cm), 8/5 inch (4 cm), 2 inch (5 cm), 12/5 inch (6 cm), easy to meet your different needs
  • Material information: our orbs vase fillers are made of the woven rattan wood, woven and dyed by experienced artisans, uniform dyeing, lightweight and compact, durable and colorfast
  • Decorative craft items: our wicker rattan balls are very suitable for DIY craft projects; You can spray your creativity and imagination fully, such as hanging these wicker rattan balls on the walls, threading them with lights or putting them in a transparent vase to create a pleasant atmosphere and add more natural feeling to your room
  • Sturdy Decorative Orbs: These decorative orbs are made of Styrofoam and sturdy mosaic glass. Styrofoam is very strong and will not crack and deform. Mosaic glass adheres tightly to the base and won't fall off and hurt you, which can meet your long time use needs
  • Good Service: Our shop focuses on potpourri dried flowers and provides a variety of home decors for buyers.Provide a replacement or 100% refund for you if you are not satisfied.
  • Moroccan Theme Bowl Filler: Mosaic spheres are very suitable as decorative balls for centerpiece bowls.It is not only wonderful for placing them together for summer decor, but also a best choice as DIY craft with other kinds of decorative balls and potpourri.Can be used on living room,bedroom,dining room even bathroom for table centerpiece.

Three things to avoid to buy the Decorative christmas balls in 2022

What are you looking to buy? A new car, a winter coat, or maybe something for your house. If you're like me, the thought of getting a new item is exciting, but also terrifying. This blog post will give you three things to avoid before buying it in your mind to get the product.

1. Don't buy a product just because you're attracted by the color that ignores the Decorative christmas balls

Recently, people are buying a car only because they are attracted to a particular color. But what are the other factors? If you want a reliable product with good quality and comfort. It is essential to understand that you are not buying a product for the color alone.

I'm not saying that color should never be considered, but I always feel quality and performance over other characteristics like color or design. Remember: "Don't buy a product just because you are attracted to the color" because in recent years, products often have very attractive designs.

1.1. Don't pass up the product with other features than the low price.

Many people want to save money and look for items that cost less (cheaper) than other similar items, often under $2000, under $1000 or even under $50. We all want to get more for less, but buying an item at a lower price can't give you the greatest satisfaction if it doesn't even meet your expectations. It can ruin our lives, but remember; You can't get complete satisfaction with a lower price.

1.2. Don't miss other unique features that cost the same or more than the product you want to buy

We often see items that have almost the same functionality as our favorite option, but it's more expensive, so we think "I don't need those extra features" and choose our favorite.

But if the product helps us do our job better or saves us time, it is worth paying the extra for the high performance of the item to immediately meet your expectations. Even though it's more expensive, forget about trying to cut corners. Choose an item that truly maximizes your desires. Remember: "Don't overlook the other special features."

Now that I believe you know what you are looking for, the best product brings the greatest satisfaction. I hope this short article helps you get more benefits in life.


2. Don't forget to negotiate with dealers - they want to know the Decorative christmas balls demand information.

The company is here to help you get your car at the best price. Not only do we do business with you, but when you buy from us, all the preparation work is done for you, you will no longer have to negotiate with different sellers!

Do not choose the product based on price, and consider the best quality and performance. Before buying an item, you have to believe that theest is not always the best choice because the price is lower or obsolete faster than the more expensive ones, moreover with better quality.

Don't buy the poor quality product, don't choose according to the best price, and the best performance is more important than the best price. Don't overlook other special features for the same price or more than what you plan to buy, remember to negotiate with retailers who want to know product demand information.

3. When buying from an online reseller, make sure the reseller is reputable and has good reviews for the Decorative christmas balls.

When purchasing an item, the best performing product is more important than the best price. Don't overlook the best quality or the best performance. Don't buy the product at a low price, and you should keep in mind that the low quality products are not the ones under $500, under $200. Don't choose based on price and best performance, above all.

Before buying an item, it is essential to buy the necessary product, remember that theest is not always the best because the quality is lower or outdated faster than the Expensive.Don't buy the product based on the price and consider the best quality and performance.

The agents who come to us are all well-known for their reputation in the service industry so customers can rest assured that they are transacting with the product.

So don't forget that the best performance is more important than the best price. Don't ignore the best quality or the best performance. If you want to buy online, make sure they are reputable and have good reviews for their service.Choose to maximize the desired item. Remember not to overlook the other special features. When choosing an online retailer or making an online purchase, make sure they are reliable and well-reviewed for their scam-free pricing service! Don't buyer or fail to meet your expectations.

When buying from an online retailer, first make sure the company is reputable.To be sure of your purchases, find out what people are saying! Good reviews indicate a high quality business and happy customers.



With so many products and brands on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is the best. The following questions will help you find the right product for your needs. What features do I need? What price range am I looking for? Do I want something new or used? How often do I intend to use this item?


All these questions must be answered before making a purchase decision. Once you've found what works best for you, feel free to use our website as an additional resource to find the perfect match!


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