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Last Updated: Nov 21, 2022

After spending hours carefully considering 1,775 reviews of customers on the Internet, we have come up with a list of Best infill for artificial grass. Check out the Best infill for artificial grass of 2022 below to find out your best choice. All products selected from major brands as Grass express, Lita, Heyroll, Cestavie, · petgrow ·, Goasis lawn, Petgrow, Freadem, Wmg grass.

Best infill for artificial grass

According to our research, we think the Best infill for artificial grass is GRASS EXPRESS . Scroll through the rest of our list and check out the buying guide if you're not sure what to look for!

TOP Choice #1

GRASS EXPRESS Artificial Grass Turf, 5ft x 10ft (50 ft²) 1.38 in Pile Height Indoor Outdoor Synthetic Realistic Faux Fake Astroturf Rug Carpet Mat for Balcony Decor Playground Patio Dogs

Brand: GRASS EXPRESS, Warranty: , Color: Multi-color Blades, Size: 5ft x 10ft (50 ft²)
Height: 1.40 Inches, Width: 60.00 Inches, Length: 120.00 Inches, Weight: 18.00 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.8
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  • QUICK DETAILS: Finished pile height: 1.38 inch. Heavy duty PP and latex-coated backing for greater seam strength and durability perforated for superior drainage. UV stabilized and waterproof to keep natural colors fresh.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Ideal for both residential and commercial turf uses. It is recommended for indoor/outdoor balcony decor, playground, patio, pets, camping, rv and more.
  • MAINTENANCE FREE: No mowing, no watering, no spraying. It is an excellent choice in both hot and dry climate areas where you can conserve water and in climates that are cold and/or wet for a mud free play area, providing you with year-round green and turf enjoyment.
TOP Choice #2

LITA 7ft x 13ft Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass Synthetic Thick Lawn Turf Carpet Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Landscape, 7'X13', Green

Brand: LITA, Warranty: 10 years warranty with 30 days return policy., Color: Green, Size: 7'x 13'= 91 sq ft
Height: 92.00 Inches, Width: 11.00 Inches, Length: 7.25 Inches, Weight: 35.00 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.7
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  • ✅Materials: made of high quality synthetic material, Superior resilience and durability, Constructed of the highest quality UV resistant polyethylene and poly polypropylene yarn, 70 oz Total weight per square yard to ensure an extremely High-Density artificial grass.
  • ✅Simple installation: laying out our grass is very simple-simply mark and dig out an area, lay out the base, roll out the turf, and seal the matter, infilling is your choice, though we recommend it, blade height is close to 1 3/8” and perfect for that well-manicured look.
  • ✅Best choice in artificial grass: top quality and low price - 10 years Warranty with 30 days return policy, if you want customize of the artificial grass, click the LITA Amazon storefront.
TOP Choice #3

Natural Artificial Grass Turf 4 FT x 10 FT, Heyroll Customized Sizes Thick Faux Grass, 1.38" Indoor Outdoor Garden Rug Landscape Carpet Lawn Synthetic Fake Grass Mat

Brand: Heyroll, Warranty: 10 year., Color: Green, Size: 4FTx 10FT
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 9.6
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  • Environment Friendly: Heyroll artificial grass is lead-free and safe, making it a great surface for pets and kids to play on and roll around. To create a more natural look and turf enjoy balcony/patio/yard, Heyroll is your best choice.
  • Thick & Soft Artificial Grass Rug: This 1.38-inch blade and 75oz Face Weight grass turf feels nice and fresh on bare feet. Thicken solid backing is durable and nonslip, can easily withstand the high traffic from children, pets, and guests.
  • Why to choose Heyroll: All backing materials are imported from Dubai and Belgium with excellent wear-resistant, durability & fire resistance, never mind the insolation and frost. Heyroll provides 10 years warranty, making your purchase 100 % worry-free!
TOP Choice #4

Cestavie Artificial Grass Astroturf Rug, 4x8 Feet Indoor Outdoor Grass Mat for Dogs, Pets, Patio, Playground, Easy Install and Clean

Brand: Cestavie, Warranty: 30 days money back guarantee., Color: 4ft, Size: 4x8 Feet
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 9.4
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  • WORRY FREE BUY: Cestavie provides 30 days return policy plus hassle-free customer service make your purchase 100 % worry-free!
  • HIGH QUALITY: Cestavie artificial grass is made of advanced UV resistant yarns, polyethylene fabric, and durable latex backing, all materials come from the top suppliers all over the world and strictly tested in our laboratory. 4 tone patterns are soft, lush and with 0.8" blade height just look like natural grass, Perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects.
  • MAINTENANCE FREE: No mowing, no watering, save time and water. Artificial turf needs no maintenance and looks perfectly fresh and green all year round. Built-in drainage in the backing helps for easy cleanup ,simply hose it when needed.

Pro Putting Green Golf Artificial Grass Turf 5FTX8FT, Indoor Outdoor Golf Training Mat, Synthetic Fake Grass for Baseball Football Gym Sports

Brand: · Petgrow ·, Warranty: , Color: Custom Width-5FT, Size: 5FTX8FT
Height: 50.00 Centimeters, Width: 100.00 Centimeters, Length: 100.00 Centimeters, Weight:
ftb score rating icon 9.2
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  • Premium Putting Green Grass: Grass height about 0.47" in length, 60 oz total weight per square yard. Thick high-density artificial grass for golf.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: We offer standard grass mat sizes and custom sizes to suit your grass needs. Use for indoor or outdoor golf practice mat, mini golf, gym, baseball, football sports ,school, or even as a backyard decor.
  • DURABLE & LESS MAINTENANCE: With precise stitching, UV-protection, and weather resistant fabric. Just hose down the artificial golf turf with water and soap. Its built-in drainage system drains 23 gallons of fluid an hour making it easy to maintain.

GL Artificial Grass Turf Customized Sizes, Artificial Lawn for Dogs, 20MM Thick Faux Grass, Synthetic Outdoor Indoor Rug Area 5FTX8FT(40 Square FT)

Brand: Goasis Lawn, Warranty: , Color: 5ft, Size: 5X8FT
Height: 50.00 Centimeters, Width: 100.00 Centimeters, Length: 100.00 Centimeters, Weight: 100.00 Kilograms
ftb score rating icon 9.1
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  • Customized Size Available: if you want to make a specific size, please send your request by email, we will reply in time, if you aren't satisfied with our product or any problems you have, please feel free to contact our customer service for help
  • Cleaning Method: bark paper scraps, direct cleaning, dirt dust, rinse with water, chewing gum, etc., cut off sticky straw
  • Features: no need to cut grass, waterproof, non-slip, easy to maintain, fire resistant material, safe flame retardant, automatic water seepage, no water accumulation, easy care

Petgrow Deluxe Realistic Artificial Grass Turf 3.3FTX5FT, 70 oz Face Weight /Drainage Holes / Rubber Backing, Indoor Outdoor Pet Faux Synthetic Grass Astro Rug Carpet for Garden Backyard Patio Balcony

Brand: Petgrow, Warranty: , Color: Green, Size: 3.3FTX5FT
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight: 4.38 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.0
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  • PERFORMANCE :Made of the highest quality polyethylene and poly polypropylene yarns, resistant synthetic material high temperature, superior resilience & durability. Rubber backed with drainage hole, easy to clean and can be dry quickly.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS:Perfect for Outdoor decor, such as Garden, Lawn, Patio, Landscape, Backyard, Deck,Balcony, Porch and other outdoor place. Also used as Mat, Carpet,Doormats in indoor Home, decor for Wedding,Party,Halloween,Christmas.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & SAVE MONEY: No mowing, No watering. Safe for pets and children. It can be washed directly with water, and the drainage hole can help the turf dry quickly without leaving peculiar smell.

Artificial Grass Rug 3 FT x 11 FT, FREADEM Artificial Turf Mat with Drainage / Rubber Backing, Fake Grass Carpet for Garden Lawn, Patio, Landscape, Balcony, 0.8" Pile Height

Brand: FREADEM, Warranty: 10 year., Color: Green, Size: 3 FT x 11 FT
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.9
Our Score


  • Save Time - No mowing, no watering and no spraying any more. Just enjoy green garden with family, friends and pets. No need to worry about the grass thinning out or dying off during hot or cold weather.
  • Warranty ¨C We can make custom sizes according your needs. We provide a 5-Year Warranty plan for all artificial grass orders, please contact us freely if any problems!
  • Natural Appearance - The 0.8 inch turf consist of 4 different grass silk, make you feel like in green natural world, providing natural appearance for your garden, yard, balcony, terrace and roof.

WMG Artificial Grass w/Drainage Holes & Rubber Backing 5'x7' Realistic Synthetic Artificial Turf Soft Pet Turf Fake Grass for Patio Yard Balcony Indoor/Outdoor Décor, 1 Pack…

Brand: WMG GRASS, Warranty: , Color: , Size: 5ft*7ft
Height: 0.50 Inches, Width: 60.00 Inches, Length: 84.00 Inches, Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.8
Our Score


  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: We choose premium raw material for our grass, and all the finished grass comply with the requirements of environmental protection. It gets CE certification and can also be recycled.
  • BEAUTIFUL REALISTIC LOOK: Don't go for an artificial grass rug that looks obviously fake. Our WMG grass mat is designed and made according to the real fescue-like grass, with the blade around 1.4'' in length, you will not recognize it's synthetic whether you are putting it indoor or outdoor.
  • VAST APPLICATION: If you want any place around you to have a vivid natural feeling, don't hesitate to have this 3'x5' turf! You can put it in your balcony, dining room, kitchen, backyard, or to make your own golf putting green, baseball playground, it can decorate almost everywhere. Your every single penny will feel worthy to buy this grass!!

Artificial Grass Thick Turf Rug 3 ft x 15 ft, 35MM Outdoor Indoor Fake Grass Mat, Astro Turf Lawn for Dogs Pets, Synthetic Grass Rug with Drainage Holes & Rubber Backing/Custom Size

Brand: Heyroll, Warranty: 10 year., Color: Green, Size: 3x15FT
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.7
Our Score


  • Variety of Use Indoor outdoor--Easy to Cut. This artificial turf mat could be used as indoor or outdoor rug in patio, back/front yard, dog area, balcony, swimming pool, gardens, play area, etc.
  • Sturdy & Durable fake turf--The main material of synthetic grass carpet outdoor is PE/PP. Strong heat resistance, wear resistant, nonslip and resilience, so never mind insolation and frost. Artificial grass roll is not only fine in the rain but also in hot weather. Pets and Kids likes to stay on the lawn and lie down to sleep and play, patio grass turf provide more comfortable area.
  • Easy to Install & Clean--Roll out and place the grass turf lawn mat and you are done! Our astro turf with Rubber back will grab the ground well, including soil, concrete area, wooden floor, etc. Drainage holes design is enable water to percolate into the ground, and helps the artificial turf roll to dry quickly.

FREADEM Artificial Turf Synthetic Grass 3 FT * 13 FT, 1.38" Pile Height, Artificial Grass Mat with Drainage, Landscape for Pets, Outdoor Fake Lawn, Garden, Patio, Balcony, Backyard, Customized

Brand: FREADEM, Warranty: 10 year., Color: Green, Size: 3 FT * 13 FT
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.5
Our Score


  • We Customize Size. - FREADEM provides over 800 customizable sizes, width is 3-13FT and length can be 3-82FT. Any artificial turf orders from FREADEM come with a 10-Year warranty plan.
  • Safe & Environmental-friendly -Our fake grass is friendly for pets, children and kids. It is mess-free, soft and cushioned so perfect for playing on, and it's safe as requires no chemicals.
  • 1.38 Inch VS 0.4 Inch -The pile height of our turf is 1.38 inch, 75 oz per square yard, high-density artificial grass. 1.38 inch Pile height is recommended for the softest most authentic look. Others' 0.4 inch low quality fake grass looks like unnatural plastic, thinner sparse pile makes it easier to wear down from foot traffic and therefore decreases longevity.

Goasis Lawn Artificial Grass Turf Lawn - 4FTX31FT(124 Square FT) Indoor Outdoor Garden Lawn Landscape Synthetic Grass Mat

Brand: Goasis Lawn, Warranty: , Color: 4ft, Size: 4 x 31 Feet
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.4
Our Score


  • Premium Quality Material: Goasis Lawn is a gorgeous, multi-purpose and very durable superior quality artificial grass/turf brand, made of the highest quality poly polypropylene yarns.Rubber backed with drainage hole, easy to clean and can be dry quickly. Perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects.
  • Environment Friendly: High-density grass height about 0.4 inch in length, looks and feels like realistic grass; Our artificial grass is non-toxic and lead free, making it an excellent surface for pets and kids to play on. Looks just like natural grass, providing you with year-round green and turf enjoyment.
  • Wide Application: Artificial grass provides a superior flooring solution for a variety of applications. Artificial Lawns is now popular for residential garden lawns, swimming pools, decking, dog runs, kids play areas, safety flooring, corporate events and school playground flooring.
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Best infill for artificial grass

Best infill for artificial grass
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The Best infill for artificial grass are available for purchase. We have researched hundreds of brands and picked the top brands of fuel transfer tanks, including Grass express, Lita, Heyroll, Cestavie, · petgrow ·, Goasis lawn, Petgrow, Freadem, Wmg grass

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