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You are about to enter the Holiday Season which is a special time of the year that you can use to shift your energy! It is a time to renew yourself and if you take some of the following suggestions, you will come out better on the other side. When 2009 makes a grand entrance you will be ready, renewed, alert and enriched.

Energy is a wonderful thing and to fully experience what is available, you have to reach for it. So why not reach for the energy right now and choose to use the Holiday Season energy in an enjoyable way. If your Holiday Season usually stresses you out or if you find you need time off to recover from them, then you will have missed a huge opportunity.

During this Holiday Season make a plan to tune up and tune into the big 5 areas of your life …which are vital to your total well-being.


Set a goal for the outcome that you would like to have in each of the big five. What are some things you would like to take care of? Who would you like to talk to that would be enriching to you? Where are some places that you would like to go?

Spend the Holiday Season feeling like you have had a Holiday! Identify the days that you have available so that you will plan the most important activities and actions; then set up times on your calender for each one. Let your series of activities leave you feeling enriched and renewed. Activities like going to the gym, walking, reading, family times ……all need to be thought through in advance and written on your calendar.

Use the Holiday Season energy to connect with friends that give you a feeling of being enriched, your goal is to be renewed and enriched! Get to know people better, make a new friend and connect with your long-time friends. Allow the Holiday energy to enliven you and your friends. Make yourself more available and get out among your community. Invite people to your house or to meet you for lunch and use the Holiday energy to relax in conversations that are warming to your heart and soul.

Make sure to inlcude physical activities and use the time to try something new; hike on a trail, go dancing, take a pilates class, do yoga. The Goddess BIZ loves NIA (www.nianow.com ) Exercise is a perfect energy shifter and is great in almost everyway you can think of — it raises your spirits, it is fun, it gets you out among people, it increases your endorphines, it makes you feel sexy! Whoa!!! Now that’s attractive.

What about attending the theater, see movies and plays. Read a book, the kind that you just can’t put down. Go to restaurants that have great service and food. Invite someone to join you that you would like to get to know better or who you enjoy their company. Take a risk by doing something that you might not ordinarily do. Don’t let your mind talk you out of it! If you have the thought, follow through! Listen to your intuition about who to spend time with and where to go — then follow your gut feelings. It will never steer you wrong. Don’t let your mind convince you otherwise. Stick with your plans and avoid hibernating in your home or office.

Set goals everyday for how you want your day and activities to enrich your life. Write down actions and also outcomes you want to receive. Writing your goals down every day allows you plan and create. Be the author of your own Holiday Season and you will have a huge energy shift. This is the best gift that you can give this year and it will fill your heart and soul. Give yourself this special time of year to energize your body, mind and soul. You can do it! If you don’t act now, you will have missed this opportunity. For more information about how you can energize this Holiday and have more success in life, check out www.energyforsuccess.org — Goddess Biz is radiating through the Holiday and highly recommends their programs.

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