Scientists Generate Electricity From Human Brain

It is a latest invention in this modern age that scientists have devised a way to generate cheap electricity using human brain. After a long time research, the researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have manufactured a fuel cell, which is implantable and can generate electricity from human brain (cerebrospinal fluid). But the electricity is not enough to enlighten a tube light, it is just in microwatts.

There are several ways to produce electricity from the cheap and costly sources. But this way to generate electricity or energy is very cheap, as the main source of electricity is a fluid around the brain. The results to produce electricity using human brain remained successful, as the scientists generated few hundred microwatts electricity from glucose existed in cerebrospinal fluid.

The electricity generated from Human brain is not enough to enlighten a lamp and run a fan, but it is enough to power the latest futuristic and efficient brain implants that are really helpful in paralyzing the patients to move their limbs. The amount of electricity is very low, but it is helpful in some ways in the medical field. The energy is not enough to power the home appliances, but it is enough to do some good jobs in the medical field, as it will help patients to move their limbs. It looks impossible to hear that human brain generates electricity or energy, but scientists have proved the research.

According to a computer scientist, Rahul Sarpeshkar, the latest fuel cells will prove to be a great remedy for blindness and paralysis. Raul was also the team leader of the unit, which produce the electricity from human brain. The brain generated electricity or energy has become famous due to its advantages in the brain implantation. In this modern age, several brain implants get energy through inductive power transfer either wirelessly or through single use batteries. But whereas the single use batteries are concerned in brain implantation, these batteries are changed after few years. It is the main disadvantage of batteries is that they have to be replaced surgically after completing their lives. But the new fuel cell made by the scientists is made of platinum, and it may be well in your knowledge that this medal has a good track record and is very much safe for human body. The other advantage of fuel cell, which generates electricity from human brain, is that it works in the human brain implantation for decades and there is no need to replace it. The scientists will initially test the fuel cell on animals, and after that they will be placed in human brain during the brain implantation.

The new invented fuel cell generates electricity at the surface of an activated platinum anode by oxidizing glucose from cerebrospinal fluid. The single walled carbon nano-tubes are also used in the process to generate electricity from brain, and these nanotubes are embedded in the cathode end of cell. The oxygen is converted to the water at the surface of a network of these nanotubes. The fuel cells create electro-chemical short circuits by utilizing the oxygen gradient. The scientists are doing the thorough research in this invention by conducting several tests to ensure the rate of cerebrospinal fluid glucose replenishment.

Hence after doing several tests and experiments, the scientists have came to the final results that the human brain generated electricity is safe and has not side or adverse effects. The results are satisfactory and the electricity generated from human brain can be utilized for the brain implantation, and there is no need for the replacement of batteries till long time. The Scientists also conducted a thorough search on the method to generate electricity through human brain and said that the fuel cell’s oxygen consumption is up to the satisfactory level in this method and it wouldn’t destabilize oxygen levels in brain. Hence the cheap electricity generated using human brain is still in prototype phase, but it sounds good, efficient, reliable and promising. According to the scientists, who have made this great invention in the medical and electrical field, the brain generated electricity will help paralyzed people. The people with brain implantation will enjoy their lives in a good, satisfactory and better way. You can also have a look on the video posted below to see the utilization and usage of electricity, which has been generated from human brain.

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