Purina ProPlan Incredible Dog Challenge

There are so many great events going on in our area right now. Today we attended the Purina ProPlan Incredible Dog Challenge . Let me tell you, if you are a dog lover like I am, this is something you want to see if it comes to your area. I have seen the competitions on television, but there is absolutely nothing like seeing it in person. The excitement of the competitors – humans and canines is amazing to see. I loved being right next to the owners and listening to them as they talked about their dogs, you could tell from listing just how much they loved their dogs.

This was such a fun family event and the best part is that dogs are welcome. I did not take mine as they are still learning their manners, but hopefully the next event they will be ready to go. It was a beautiful day filled with lots of great competitions.

The first show was the Agility Forerunners. It was so much fun watching the dogs and their trainers run through the obstacle course. You could see the dogs watching their trainer waiting to see what they were supposed to do. They all did such a great job.

They took a moment so that someone could sing the National Anthem.

Then the Agility Competition. This is the same as the first event, we really loved watching the dogs jump over the hurdles and run through the obstacles.

Next up was the Diving Dog Competition. The dogs in this part of the competition were so strong, you could see their trainers struggling to hold them back until it was time to run and jump. You could see the excitement in them as they danced around waiting until they heard the command to go.

The Jack Russell Hurdle Racing was so much fun to watch. These dogs were the ones that were the loudest with their excitement. They were clear across the event and you could hear them barking getting ready to race. Watching them run was amazing, I used to own one of these dogs and know how fast they are. They are also very intelligent and you have to keep on your toes to keep them busy to keep them out of trouble. They are a lot of fun though and this event was amazing. One little guy tripped over a hurdle though and I was impressed, he got up and was right back in the race. Their trainers were just like parents, starting them off at the start line and running to the finish line to be there for them when they finished.

The Fetch It Competition was up next. For this event they had an object hanging above the water and the dogs would have to run and jump grabbing the object on the way into the water. Each round they moved the object further out. I would have been exhausted with all that running, jumping and swimming but these dogs were champs and made it look so easy.

For the 30 Weave Up & Back Event, two dogs would race each other at the same time. They would have to weave back and forth through poles and then run through the tunnel and then back through the poles. They could not miss a single thing or they had to go back to re-do it. I never realized how close the poles were for this event, I am not sure I could make it through though I would probably give it a try if there were not any witness’!

The final event was the Freestyle Flying Disc Competition. This was an amazing event that started off with a trainer who was 6 years old. Her dog was 7 years old. She did such a great job, I can not wait until she gets older and see what she does. The other trainers and dogs were also a lot of fun to watch.

During the last event, I was lucky enough to sit next to a gentleman with Carsen Events. They are the ones who put on the show, I was lucky enough to hear about how the diving events started and that in the beginning the dogs were diving off docks and into ponds. The judges would be in boats with tape measures to determine the winner. When the took the diving event to competitions it would take days to set up the first pools they could use because they were fiberglass. I was a bit disappointed because I really was enjoying sitting with him and learning about the shows history but it started raining. We stayed to finish watching the show, but my youngest wanted to go under the tent so we did. Hopefully I will run into him at the next event so I can hear more of his great stories.

This was such a great event and I am so glad that we attended it. Thank you to everyone who was involved in putting it together.

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