The Okie Legacy: Vol 8, Iss 25 Raymond Smith (OKWoods Message Board Post)...
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Volume 8, Issue 25 -- 2006-06-24

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The River Walk Jazz/The Jim Cullum Jazz Band is great [more]...
 ~James E Bradley regarding Okie's story from Vol. 9 Iss. 34 titled UNTITLED

Marvin, I think you are correct about the mural on the bowling alley building. It does show Chimney Rock and an airplane.
 ~NW Okie regarding Okie's story from Vol. 11 Iss. 6 titled UNTITLED

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Duchess Corner

We have given ourselves permission this week to slow down and take our time. We have been splitting our time between watching our garden grow; playing with our pugs; working on our newsletter and database; and waiting in anticipation for the arrival of two or our horses as they make the long trek from northwest Oklahoma to southwest Colorado this weekend.

Yep! We are hauling Trigger (3-year-old gelding, palomino quarterhorse) and Quoti (a.k.a. Doquoti, 3-year-old, paint horse) to SW Colorado. Our yearling filly, Maggie (2005 dun, quarterhorse) will have to make the trip another time.

If we are correctly stating this, Bud Clark of Alva, Oklahoma put a price of $15 on our little Maggie Dun filly. Jokingly, we figured he put such a low price on it because he wanted it for himself. (LOL) ... Actually, Bud says that everyone that comes to their east horse farm in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma picks out the little dun filly over all his registered quarterhorses.

Bud has always teased us about our paint horse, Doquoti (Quoti), about her spots rubbing off on his quarterhorses. Hey, Bud, Trigger and Quoti arrived in southwest Colorado about 9:00 p.m., Saturday -- are settling in to their pasture -- acting like buddies as they explore their new home. You do not have to worry about the paint spots affecting your quarterhorses anymore. (LOL... Just kidding!) We took some scenic views of the horses to send you so you could see their new pasture/home.
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69th Annual Freedom Rodeo & Cowhand (NW Oklahoma)...

Greetings: It is getting that time again as the citizens, community of Freedom, Oklahoma gather, work together to spruce up their "Biggest Little Town" for their "69th Annual Biggest Open Rodeo & Old Cowhand Reunion."

If you want to place your AD in their "Freedom Rodeo Program," please e-mail it to the Freedom Bank - Email: - OR - mail it to The Freedom State Bank, P.O. Box 125, Freedom, OK 73842. If you need any other information, call Sharon Walker at 580-621-3276. A Full page AD - $200; Half page - $125; Fourth page - $75. Make checks payable to "Freedom Chamber of Commerce."

It's that time again to dig through our treasure chest of old family photos, memories and see what we can find for our full-page AD in the "69th Annual Freedom Rodeo Program" this year. We really enjoy supporting, helping the town of Freedom, Oklahoma in anyway that we can. Look for our Full page Ad in this years program around the first half of August, 2006.
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How Our Garden & Legacies Grow...

You should see how our garden is growing with the temperatures in the high 80s during the day and cooling down in the evening! The tomatoes seem to be progressing marvelously. We must be doing something right around here. We have planted another variety of tomatoes and the name escapes us for now, but they both are yellow, golden variety -- one being a cherry and the other being a regular size tomato. As for peppers... we planted some Pablano, jalapeno and sweet bell. All those yellow flowers you see are the marigolds we planted around the tomato plants. We have been told that marigolds help keep the insects off the tomatoes. We donot know if that is fact or myth, but we shall find out, huh?!

Our cucumber seeds are sprouting at about an inch high now. Cucumbers bring to mind a family story that this NW Okie's sister (Dorthy) told her of the times when they were younger. We had this farm out near Two Buttes, Baca County, Colorado where we would grow a big vegetable garden in the Summer. Everyone took part, even this sweet young thing when she was not much higher than a yard stick. It seems this NW Okie could be seen scooting along the rows of cucumbers on her behind -- picking the cucumbers -- taking a bite out of the end -- placing it in her bucket. Hey! She was just a kid. What did she know? NW Okie's own memories are vague about those younger years, but "ain't" it great to have an "older sister" to remember some of those earlier days?!

We were talking with someone this week (through email) about family legacies -- wishing some of those ancestors were still alive so we could learn a little more firsthand about what they lived through in the early stages of when Oklahoma and Indian Territory merged into a State, September 16, 1907. Wondering "Why" -- when we were younger, Why we were too busy to take the time to learn our family legacy from our elders. There are lots of questions we would love to ask our grandmothers and grandfathers. This NW Okie never knew her grandpa all that well, because he and grandmother divorced in the early 1940s. BUT... we do have photos, scrapbooks of his professional baseball days. Our uncle Bob died when when this NW Okie was about 6-years-old, so those memories are a bit faded as well. BUT... that is another treasure chest of memories that we inherited from our grandmother in a collection of photos, letters, journals, etc... that we have been archiving on my "OkieLegacy websites.

Hey! We hear that Kansas, Oklahoma and on east have had some much needed cooling down with thundershowers this week. That is great news about the rain. AND... we hear Oklahoma's gas prices are still fluctuating up and down. We just looked at the gas prices in Bayfield, Colorado at the Conoco station this Friday afternoon, about 5:00 p.m. MDT and saw where it dropped 6-cents in price from $3.169 to $3.109. You Oklahomans are have it great as to gas prices compared to Colorado.

We have added some recent photos to our vallecito webshots. Look for the weasel in the tree; humingbird nest & Daisy. Don't forget to checkout the Alva High "Goldbug " Class of '53 NEW website. There are reunion information, pictures of the 50th Reunion. For more information on their October 2006, 53rd Reunion, CONTACT: Janet Woodward Holland - Email:
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Greetings, Alva High Goldbugs...

"The Class of '53 now has a website - - Hopefully, we can remember the address. It has reunion information (in case you can't remember where you put the one you got in the mail), pictures of the 50th and a whole page of pictures that might look familiar to you and other info.

Through a page my daughter found while she was tutoring me on computers, I've been in touch with a woman who has a page of pioneer stories, history, memories, etc of Alva and the surrounding area. She listed our missing members in her newsletter that was sent out Saturday night, and by noon Sunday we had Bob Shoemaker's address in Lubbock (TX) and will have Robert Shoemaker's address in a few days. We'll get mailings out to them. She will also put a link on her pages to our website (SEE 2000 AHS Goldbug Reunion Aftermath). In her newsletter, she has the history of the Runnymede Hotel from it's construction to it's present day renovation. There's a link to her site on our Goldbug site. It's under Goldbugs link - Northwest Oklahoma History .... Her name is Linda McGill Wagner.

Incidentally, by 9:45, Sunday morning, I had heard from the son of one of the gas company employees who lived 1/2 block from us. The internet really is amazing! Hopefully, we'll hear from others. We're only missing 6 of those who were at AHS (Alva High) our senior year, and Stanley Westfall who started in first grade and was with us for many years. He's still on the class list, but we haven't located him.

You have probably heard by now that Rita Mae Cox McMurphy passed away a few weeks ago. Rose Darr Elmore has gone through some serious heart problems and complications. Hopefully, she will be started rehab in the next few weeks. Glad to hear that Don Devine is better than he was when we had our 50th.

New email addresses that weren't on the earlier info are for Larry Johnson - and Leta Jo Millege Sparkman - You may notice Janet Woodward Holland email - (my old ones are still good). We can have a lot more email addresses using as the address. Perhaps you know someone who gets their mail on their children's computer or the library. If they just let me know, I can add them to this address. It won't hold a lot of mail, but it might work for some people.

Don't forget to write Joni on what's happening in your life and send a more or less recent picture - anything in the last 10-15 years will do - digital or snail mail a print will be fine. We'll be getting together in mid-July to put the directories together - with pictures if people send them to Joni.

SHOW UPDATE - Lost in the 50's is now a morning show. The Platters will be appearing in the show. There'll be lots of that good old music from the 50's. See you in Branson (Missouri), and please send me any suggestions, problems, additions, ideas, etc for the website. It's ours -- so please feel free to contribute to it - pictures, websites, should we have a blog?, etc. See you Branson." -- Janet View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

OkieLegacy - Google+ Public Posts

The Rest of the Story...

Father's Day Memories by K. Updike... "Hello Ms. Wagner, I'm Kenneth Updike. Dale told me he sent you the article I had written about my Dad. I appreciate you putting it in your "Okie Legacy". I told Dale, I wrote this several years back. Cant remember when. I started writing my memoirs "My Ramblins" back in 1987 and add to them as I recall things that have happened in my life. Thank you again for publishing my article. My Dad had many friends, young and old. Maybe someone will see this who knew him." (Ken Updike graduated in Anadarko, Oklahoma in 1951.)

Southwest Colorado Tomatoes... "the tomatoes here in OKC & Shawnee-Tecumseh area are dropping their blooms because of the heat. We had some good rain yesterday & Friday perhaps they will start growing instead of dropping their blooms. My mother's yellow crook neck squash is going wild & being eaten hardily."

July, 1935 News - Nancy Ruth Farris... "My father worked for Cities Service Gas for 42-years, and we moved a good bit while I was growing up. I see that 71-years or so ago Nancy Ruth Farris had a birthday party in Alva, OK. I also see that I was one of the attendees. We only lived in Alva for a couple of years so the only other names listed that I remember is my brother, John, and a neighbor, Georgia Ann Redman." -- Robert Dean Beu
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OkieLegacy Guestbook...

6/22/2006 - Brenda Powell - Email: - "I am bringing my father to Beaver County (Oklahoma) this summer to re-visit childhood memories. He was born in 1925 around Follett, TX. Glenn Brown was father/Neihart family connection. He left the area around 1935. What should we see? He wants to go to Slapout. what is still standing? < br>
6/19/2006 - Cathy Starbuck - Email: - "Slapout... My sisters (1 from New York, 1 from Colorado and my brother from Idaho) think I'm moving to the ends of the earth... but me... I'm just coming home."

6/18/2006 - Jim Listen - "Whizbang, OK - I was born in Whizbang in 1939. My dad taught school there for 17 yrs. prior to WW II."
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Telephone Service in Oklahoma...

"I just rechecked one of my books about early Perry (Oklahoma) and I may have told you this before. Perry was one of the first towns in the territory to have phone service. In 1897, John Noble and John Coulter extended the line that had been built a month after the land run in 1893.

Our first phone line had run from the Howendobler Drug Store to the train station at Wharton (a mile south of Perry) so they could know whether any freight had come in for Perry (they'd hitch up a team to a wagon and go get it as rapidly as possible this way).

The station agent at Wharton, E.E.Westervelt eventually became the Oklahoma manager of Southwestern Bell. The new phone lines were extended to a drug store in Pawnee and to the new college (Okla. A&M, now called OSU) at Stillwater, and the new company built an exchange on the north side of the square and started out with about 100 subscribers. Residential subscribers were charged $1.50 per month and business paid $2.00 a month.

In 1899 a line was extended to Guthrie and in 1900 they added a line to Enid. The company was first called the Arkansas Valley Telephone Company, then the Pioneer Telephone company and in 1919 it became the Southwestern Bell Telephone company. When they began giving out numbers for the phones, the Marland Oil distributor (later known as Conoco) had #1 and I believe that a doctor had #2. I'm not sure what number that Howendobler's Drug had but it surely was one of the first 10.

As I mentioned previously, the lumber yard where my shop is now located was phone #5. I don't think I have records before the 1920s or '30s, but most of the early numbers would still be in my files." -- Roy View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

News From Perry, Oklahoma...

"Perry, Oklahoma gas prices are 'wandering' again but not bad at this time. The prices for regular unleaded at Phillips and at Conoco went back up to $2.659 today and the two main independents were at $2.599. It's my understanding that the newly reopened independent had regular unleaded at $2.529 today. I dumped about 1/2-inch of water from my rain gauge today (6/23/2006) and some clouds have moved in again.

They did it again! Raised the gasoline prices in Perry, Ok. on Saturday morning! Now the prices at Phillips, Conoco, and the two major independents (owned by the same folks who own the local Conoco and Phillips 66 stations here) all raised the price of their unleaded regular gasoline to $2.68.9 per gallon. Still not close to your Colorado prices but just enough to make our folks notice. The sun is shining today and the weather predictions are for rain in the Oklahoma City area only (unless that too has been changed)." -- Roy View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Late OkieLegacy Issue...

"Your issue may have been late, but was worth waiting every second, this was a very interesting issue. I loved all the information about The Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty, the Hummingbird story and picture, especially the old picture of the downtown square, courthouse. Just about the best issue in a long time. I really appreciate your hard work. Keep it up." -- An OKIE from TEXAS, A misplaced Okie, A former Okie, Purebred Okie, Just plain Okie View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Southern Oklahoma Encouragement...

"Are you sure you didn't fall asleep on the job? LOL ... But seriously, you have a right to fall behind a little sometimes. You do a lot of work on your website and history. It is HOT here in Southern Oklahoma. REAL HOT!" View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Oklahoma & Indian Territory History Links...

Thanks for all those that have sent us some Oklahoma & Indian Territory history links and the interesting pictures of early Oklahoma. You are GREAT!

Images of the American West - Oklahoma

Images of American West - Alva & Perry

Pioneers of Oklahoma

Woods county Yearbooks

Woods County Photos - The photo is listed as an unidentified class picture at (a free database through The class picture had one of the student's handwriting on the back listing the names of all in the photo, though some are spelled incorrectly. the children listed on the 1910 census of Woods County, Alva, Wards 2-4.

Nest of the Snowowl -- This site was created to educate in some small way, others to the beauty, creativity of the Native American/American Indian Peoples and their pure spirituality and their current as well as past plight.

Terry C. Johnston Collection - Short Biography

Native Americans - History & Culture of a Proud People

Ramona, Washington County, Oklahoma - Ramona is a town in Washington County, in the Bartlesville metro area. The community is in the Central Standard time zone. The latitude of Ramona is 36.530N. The longitude is -95.923W. The estimated population, in 2003, was 568. The community was named for novel by Helen Hunt Jackson. Former and merged community names include: Bonton.
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Fred Beeson & Ramona Faulkner Memories...

"My dad was an Okie, so I am too. Pretty much. Even though I was born in Montana; about on the Canadian border. I am 52 now, and very sad that I was not smart enough to ask my dad everything he knew. I must have been too busy or something ... I hate that about myself. His name was Fred Beeson, from Ochelata. His dad's name was Fred L. Beeson. I am an only son, with one sister. Dad's mother's name was Ramona Faulkner. He only went to sixth grade, and 'BEESON' is French, so I figure Fred Sr. learned English from the Bible. That Bible is the most worn out Bible I ever did see. I never heard anything about his Mom (Grandma) except that she was Indian. I would give anything in the world to know her, but oh well... There is one, and only one, photo of her, standing by her man in a wheelchair. I met the old boy once when I as about 2. I am told that I grabbed him, and said 'Myyyy Grrrrandpa!!!!'. I can't quite remember that (maybe some). Sadly, Mrs. Beeson was not included in the memory I have. Maybe God will see fit, some fine day, to let me know her Indian/ancestors name. I am sure someone on the planet knows. Whether they know it, or not. Dad was in Europe for 4 years, fighting Hitler with THE big red 1... Spearheading. (that's appropriate, huh?) I hope this letter gets to someone. She deserves a word or two... I think I can see her, smiling shyly, by her stove, sortof in the background. It is interesting, that shortly after I wrote to you, a movie came on the television. It was Cimarron (1960) with Glen Ford." -- Greg Beeson, Son of an Okie - Email: View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Alva High Goldbug Memories...

"I graduated 'way back in 1950. What fun to read about why we were the Goldbugs. Of course we were all familiar with Poe's Goldbug but that was all I ever knew. I can still sing the school song, but again I did not know its history. Just one thing, back in my day the first line did not have the word 'far' in it. It was 'fain' meaning 'gladly' or 'pleased to.' I am so glad my niece found this site and my sister passed it on to me." -- Claride Woodward Walters Mayo - Email:

- Goldbug Reunion 2000
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AHS Goldbug '53...

"I believe fain is the word for the school song as Claride commented." -- Mary Moore Leek (1953) - Email: View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Pinevalley, Oklahoma Memories...

"My Grandmother (Ollie Allen) moved to Pine Valley (Oklahoma) about 1924-25. She moved there so her son (Leonard Allen) could work in the saw mill. Her husband abandend them with no means of support. She had three children, the youngest of which was my Dad (Franklin Allen). My Dad was born in 1920. He only went to the third grade (at Pine Valley) and quit due to a nervous stuttering problem he had. He spent most of his time with dogs hunting for rabbits, squirrels, or anything else he could find to put meat on the table. They were very poor. My Dad finally hitched a train when he was 11, and when to Oklahoma City to work in the glass business with his uncles. While the times were hard, my Dad always talked about the good times they had at Pine Valley, Oklahoma. It was one of the special things he talked about when I was growing up." -- Frank Allen - Email:
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Native American Warrick - Dona Warrick?...

"Warrick Message Board Post: My great-great grandmother was named Dona Warrick and she married Will Smith. They lived in Quinlan, Hunt County, Texas where they had a son, Thurman Leroy Smith (my grandfather). I have his birth certificate that says Dona had three births, but my grandfather was her only child that lived. I have no other information on the two other births. The story is that she got sick when my grandfather was a toddler and Will took her back to her 'people' to die. Not sure where her 'people' were located, but I am told that they lived on in the 'Cherokee Nation'. I would appreciate any information." -- Kathy - Email: View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Magill Inquiry - William Marshall Magill (b. abt. 1860, d. abt. 1930)...

"I'm looking for information on my great grandparents. William Marshall Magill (died approx. 1930) lived in Tennessee (Nashville area and was born in eastern Tennessee (very approx. 1860). He married Sallie Robbins Zenor (born 1861) Louisiana/MS. Married 11/14/1882) in St. Mary's Parish, LA. She died abt. 1936 in Tennessee. Any info. would be appreciated. Thanks." -- Alison - Email: View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Raymond Smith (OKWoods Message Board Post)...

"OKWoods Message Board Post: Seeking to establish if a Raymond Smith born Aug. 7, 1908 and died Jan. 1974 according to SSDI in Freedom, OK. (Woods Co.) was a pro-football player named Raymond Henry Smith born in July or August 1908 in Steelville, MO. Any information someone out there can provide would be greatly appreciated." -- Email:

OKWOODS Mailing List - Woods County, Oklahoma OKGenWeb
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